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Why May Intake is Better for UK Admissions?

Studying abroad is one of the most challenging decisions a student will ever make. Every choice, from choosing the university, course and location to choosing the intake, can have positive or negative consequences. Many students choose to apply to university during May intake because they know that their chances of getting accepted are higher. Read on to find out more!

The United Kingdom – The Most Preferred Education Destination for International Students:

  • The UK is known for its excellent quality of education and high-ranked universities.
  • The UK has a history of educational success that has been recognized worldwide over the last few decades.
  • Many prestigious universities in the UK have contributed to the success of Nobel Prize winners. This should be an appealing prospect to international students and motivates them at a high level.
  • The UK University’s cultural and ethnic diversity provides students with different social values through interactions with people from other countries and cultures. These attributes led international students study in UK, where options are available that include general education gaps, or backlogs.
  • For students who are at lower proficiency there are many options for instance, Pre-Sessional English Program, University’s English Test, and waivers based on English Marks in 12 or Medium of Education in English Certificates that can compensate for the lower English usage Levels.
  • Opportunity to transition from Tier 4 – Study Visa to Tier 2 – Work Visa.

The May Intake in UK:

  • IDEAL for Students who could not apply for the September intake or January intake, the May intake in UK is the perfect time to apply for a UK work visa and study in the UK.
  • The competition for admissions is the least in summer intake, meaning applicants who are academically average can apply without fear this year. With less competition in the May intake, scholars with top grades were more likely to get admitted to UK universities.
  • If this September or January session doesn’t offer the educational program that you desire, then take this opportunity to enroll in other universities throughout the UK and get the degree you want.
  • Students in the smaller size admit pool will benefit from having more of a chance to get admitted to the university.
  • UK summer intakes have small cohort sizes and small admissions cycles, making it easier to get into the program and stay on top of your studies. Plus, with less competition in the job market, you’ll have better chances at finding a job after you’ve graduated.
  • For whom is this perfect: University and College Admissions Services in the UK (UCAS) says that people are applying to the January intake as of May. The students who have missed the Jan Intake can defer or apply for the May 2023 Intake.
  • The application process in the UK is lengthy and leaves room for many mistakes. Contact ESPI’s experienced overseas education Counselors who can help prevent these errors.

The information provided may help you to understand the proper methodology to study in the UK through May 2023 intake. For more information and assistance, please visit, ESPI Consultants.

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