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Why Should One Consider UK for Studies?

Education from the UK opens a whole world of new possibilities. The universities in UK have a name of academic excellence, having numerous course options, which makes it a preferred location for students to pursue their studies. Students from all over the world, consider Study in UK as the best location for all Business programs.

According to various reports, UK is considered as the second best country for all international students. One can hope to gain a one of a kind experience, while for some the reason might be only academics.

There are Various Reasons for Students to Choose Study in UK

Getting an International degree from the UK in itself is a big thing. It could possibly be a life changing decision in your life. A degree earned from the UK is recognized internationally and domestic as well. All universities and companies look for candidates with a recognized degree that they relate to. It gives them an edge over any local applicant.

  • Low Cost Education

The degree’s in the UK, are shorter in duration, which means that students are required to pay less fees, in comparison to other countries. Typically, all undergraduate programs last for 3 to 4 years; and masters program last for 1 or 2 years. Students have the advantage of working for 20 hours per week so they are able to pay for their fees in no time.

  • Availability of Scholarships

To finance an international education can get messy. Although international students are eligible to get scholarships based on their merit, which helps them reduces their tuition fees largely.

  • UK is a Multi-faith Nation

The UK is known to accept the multicultural society, where all religions and cultures are accepted. Students interact with people from all over the country, exchange new ideas, thoughts and religious beliefs. 

  • Gateway to Europe

All major countries are very well connected to the UK. Most students wish to explore different countries while they are studying in UK, as it gets easy for them to acquire the Schengen visa for Europe. 

  • Health Benefits for International Students

For all international students, it is mandatory to pay the International Health Surcharge (HIS) to avail free medical treatment while studying in the UK.

Apart from the above points, there are various reasons that encourage students to choose UK for their studies most universities offer great placement options which are a part of their curriculum, with English being the primary language it helps improve the English Language to a great extent, we can see a mix of cultures in the UK- Rural and Urban, student’s get a chance to study in some of the most contemporary architectural buildings with a blend of modern teaching.

There are several reasons for which students do not want to opt for studying in the India. The education system in India is equally reputed and accepted worldwide but there are a few reasons why the Indian Education System still lacks various important things:

  • Large Population of India

The population of India makes it extremely difficult for anyone to be able to get admission in their desired choice of college. It is impossible to provide seats for everyone as the admission seats are limited opposing to the vast population of India.

  • Under-Developed Infrastructure of Colleges/ Universities

Indians love their cultural heritage; hence the colleges and universities which have opened have not been developed as per the current market requirements since their very establishment. In these modern times, students prefer colleges where they can get everything under one roof. This is a major drawback in the Indian Educational System.

  • No Practical Knowledge

Curriculum these days not only has theory, but also a practical application of what is taught in the classroom. Knowledge is only imparted in the four walls. Students prefer courses which help them sharpen their skills and put to use what they are taught in the theory. Most colleges in India do not offer Placement/ Internship options to students.

  • Expensive Fees

India has some very well known and respectable universities under its wing. But these universities levy a handsome tuition fees for a Bachelor Degree or Masters Degree with high cut off percentages. Most students cannot afford private education and hence opt to continue studying with Government colleges. 

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