Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT)

  • What it is: GMAT exam is intended to assess analytical writing and problem-solving abilities with logic and critical reasoning skills that are important in real-world business and management success.
  • Purpose: Admission to a graduate management program such as MBA.
  • Reach: Accepted by more than 6,000 business and management programs worldwide in more than 2,100 institutions and universities located in 114 countries.

The GMAT exam is offered on demand and year-round in cities throughout India


Who can appear? Anybody who wants to Study Masters or PhD. Abroad in commerce field
Generally Accepted by Universities of UK, Australia, and New Zealand*
Test Conducted By
Nature of Test Computer Based Test (CBT)
Test Pattern Analytical Writing, Quantitative, Verbal and Reading Skills
Test Duration 3 hrs 30 Mins (APPROX.)
Test Scores 200-800 Score
Avg. Score required 550+ Score
Test Score Validity 5 Years
When is the Test Conducted? Varies as per Location*
Test Fee USD 250*

GMAT Exam Pattern


The GMAT™ Online is available in most locations, with the exception of: Mainland China, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and due to regulatory and local data privacy rules.

Please note that proctoring and support for the GMAT™ Online exam is only offered in English. There will be no local language support available.

While the GMAT™ Online exam is open to all test takers, the online format is intended to help those who are working to meet near-term b-school deadlines to complete their applications. 

Beginning September 23, 2020, all candidates will be allowed two GMAT™ Online exam attempts.Candidates that have not taken the GMAT™ Online exam will now have the option to take the exam two times.Candidates that have already taken the GMAT™ Online exam prior to September 23, 2020 and received a valid score, will have the ability to take the exam one additional time.

Note: The GMAT™ Online exam can be taken once every 16 calendar days. However, you may have a GMAT test center appointment within 16 calendar days of a GMAT™ Online exam appointment.

Beginning September 23, 2020, all GMAT™ Online exam attempts will count towards your 5 GMAT™ Exam attempts during a rolling 12-month period and 8 lifetime limits. Online and test center appointments will be combined to determine your eligibility for future appointments.  

Please note that as previously communicated, any GMAT™ Online exams taken prior to September 23, 2020 will not count towards your 12-month and lifetime limits.  

The GMAT™ Online exam is an interim assessment available for candidates impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. if you have an appointment at a test center, you have the flexibility to reschedule it as needed to a later date. We are temporarily waiving all reschedule fees for test-center based appointments.

Whether you decide to take the GMAT™ exam online or at the test center may be dependent on whether you are trying to meet any immediate application deadlines and your specific plans. Schools are actively using the GMAT™ Online exam score, which is valid for 5 years. 

Use this chart to determine if taking the GMAT™ exam online or at a test center is the best option for you.

Yes. The exam session is recorded including check-in. Recording will continue until completion of the exam; your break time will not be recorded.

Your online proctored exam is delivered through Pearson VUE's platform, OnVUE. The platform adheres to local privacy and data laws in 190 global locations. Your exam session will be monitored by a Pearson VUE proctor, and your session (excluding the timed break) will be recorded, both audio and video. In addition, your check-in details including the photo collected of you and your test location, as well as your provided identification, may be stored according to relevant local privacy and data laws.

We recognize that there may be differences in each test taker’s environment and the technology that each test taker has access to. All test takers are required to meet minimum system requirements and minimum acceptable workspace standards to take the GMAT ™ Online exam. You may not use any external, connected devices such as monitors, extended keyboards, writing tablets, a touchscreen stylus, or any other similar on-screen writing devices.

Human proctors, supported by state-of the-art technology, ensure the security and integrity of the exam, and fairness to all test takers. 
All test takers will be authenticated via their digital photograph, an approved valid form of identification and live check-in via a human proctor before starting the exam. The workspace is also thoroughly reviewed and monitored before and during the exam. The exam is being monitored at all times, via the live video feed, by human proctors, supported by AI technology. 

If you have a question or an issue during the exam, please click on the chat link within the OnVUE application or wave your hand to speak to the proctor.

If you encounter a technical issue that prevents you from starting your exam, your appointment will be cancelled, and you will be able to register for and take the exam at another time.

If there is a technical issue after you have started the exam, you can bring it to the attention of the proctor by raising your hand or starting a chat session from the exam window. The proctor will attempt to assist you promptly. If your technical issue cannot be resolved, or you are unable to proceed with your exam, your session will be ended. In this situation, you may be allowed to register and take the exam again at no additional cost.

In either case above, you will be provided a case number within 72 hours via email. Your case will go under review, if approved we will contact you with details of your exam cancellation/refund and approval to register for another exam. Case reviews generally take 5 to 7 business days but may take longer on occasion and depending on the nature of the issue. 

If you have questions or concerns about your case, please contact GMAT Customer Service and include your case number.

If you experience a verifiable* technical issue that prevents you from completing your exam successfully, that will not count as one of your exam attempts. You do not need to reach out to GMAT™ Customer Service to request a retake.  

However, if you experience a technical issue on multiple attempts, you may be directed to take the exam at a test center instead.  

To avoid running into any technical issues we highly recommend you ensure your setup meets ALL system requirements and complete your system test well in advance of test day. 

*we reserve the right to verify all technical issues and approve additional attempts.