How To Stay Focused When Studying Online?

Though, Online learning is quite convenient and gives the desired results, it can also be challenging. For most, keeping focus is the biggest challenge. Anyone can get lost in the Learning Process and get depressed. I have seen many students suffer to successfully finish their program. In this blog I wish to share some tips to help you stay focused in your online course.

1.  Fix your study desk/ study only designated area:

Your study place is as much important as the lessons you have to study. We should not be using the dining table, bed, sofa, swing or other common area to study online as this will interfere with your concentration. A comfortable bed or sofa also makes us lazy and induces sleep. The area should be well ventilated and lighted. Decorate your desk to feel fresh and active.

2. Dress like you are at school/college. No pajamas and vests (lying on the bed).

Your dress very much sets your mood. A lazy wardrobe makes us lazy. To be alert and awake we need to set the right ambience and to be able to concentrate, we need a sharp brain. Always, take a shower, get dressed appropriately, drink water, eat some nutritious foods, and get ready for the lesson!

3. Ban the Mobile Phone.

SMS, Social Media notifications, someone’s call are all disruptors in chief and break your tempo and mindset from the lesson that is going on. Set strict rules like school and colleges. Be the Principal of your own school and set strict rules on not to use any distractors like TV, mobile phone, game consoles and any other toy that will break your concentration.

4. To Focus we all need to Set Goals and Targets

This is the most important activity to be undertaken to remain focused. Set goals on:

  1. Academic Achievement: Target the desired Rank, CGPA, Band Score, Points, Grade and regularly assess your progress report.
  2. Health and Fitness: In these times of global pandemic, staying indoors has become mandatory, though gyms and parks have opened up, it is difficult to play like we used to. So exercise is a must. Do pushups, weight training, cardio, yoga, boxing, strength training and any activity that builds up your stamina. It has been scientifically proven that physical training releases beneficial brain hormones and stress busters and help to focus and stay fresh.

Our eyes get strained out, so wash them with cold and clean drinking water regularly.

  • Project Completion: Assignments and Course work are the biggest stress causers. To complete your projects plan and schedule your time and tasks. Set task completion goals and feel compelled to accomplish them. This will put you in the magical zone of 100% focus and creativity.

Write down your goals and pin them up on your Pin Board or stick them on the Wall. Chart your progress. Be an Achiever!

5. Enjoy your Breaks. Relax a bit.

Use your breaks well if you are attending a synchronized online course. If you are working on your own pace schedule time for breaks to relax your eyes and mind. Take a break at least every 50 minutes to get back the focus and gain concentration. You can use the break time to go to use the washroom, get rehydrated, do stretching and ward off drowsiness.

6. Making Notes is Mandatory.

Sitting idly brings delirium, you will fall into the depths of an endless pit of irrelevant thoughts and fantasies. Making notes keeps us alert and focused on the topic at hand. It also helps when we revise our work and leads us to a better understanding of the concepts taught during the Live Class/Recorded Lectures. Note taking is advantageous as it creates a record of what a student has learnt, and aids helped me to think critically, and organized the idea about the lectures. Make a separate note book for each subject and prepare clear, precise notes.

7. Be a part of Peer Study Group.

Get yourself into an achievement group of like-minded academically oriented students. A certain level of competitiveness and comradeship is must to enhance our performance. Be sure that the group you participate is not into undesirable activities like Gaming, Chatting, Bullying, and other activities which will seriously damage your mind and emotions.


Whatever a Human Mind ‘perceives’ and ‘strives for’, it “achieves”! These are tough times for everyone and lack of focus is common. But it is not impossible to get re-focused and get back on track. Our work ethics determine our present and future. Ambition is the fuel and consistent and persistent work is the way to fulfill our dreams and goals. Defeats and set backs are a part and parcel of human life, and most often than not, winners and achievers have taken the road less travelled and a road that is arduous. Being upbeat about our situation and making most of it is the way ahead. Do your best and the results will follow!

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