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Pro Tips & Guide for How to Score 65+ In PTE Academic?

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Do the Drills of PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic – Do the Mock Tests

  • Join ESPI’s Online/Offline PTE Academic Class and practice the Tests given on the portal to get a real life feel for the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Tests.
  • Mark the areas of difficulty/low scores and get back to your mentor to understand the mechanics and get tips.
  • Focus and Concentration are the key elements in success.

Build Your Glossary

  • Enhancing your Lexical Resources (Word Power) is one of the key elements for success at the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE).
  • Become an avid reader. Read blogs, articles, newspapers, magazines, novels and journals to come across new words.
  • Commit to memory at least 30 new words every day

Plan Your Preparation

  • Create a Preparation Daily Task Completion schedule and diligently follow it without fail for a thorough training for the test.

Do the Drills to Investigate your Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Ensure to establish your weak areas while giving Mock Tests or Question Solving Drills.
  • Identify the questions that you got incorrect or could not try while solving the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Practice Test.
  • Extract some time to resolve your confusions so as to change all your weaknesses into strengths.
  • Build your speed typing skills on a daily basis.

Utilize flashcards of New Words or High Lexical

  • Poster Cards or Flashcards are one of the most efficient ways to remember new words. Prepare a set of PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) High Lexical and New Vocabulary This will assist you in your training for your test.

Become Self Motivated

  • Focus is the Key to achieve the desired Level Score in the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test.
  • Be Steadfast and Resolute: Do not let any negativity damage your grounding.
  • Do not let low scores pull you down, Learn from the mistakes.

Put into practice Verbal Communication in English

  • If you desire to speak fluent English then you ought to initiate speaking in English with your friends and relatives.
  • Maintain composure while speaking and avoid awkward or long pauses.

Concentration is the Master Key to SUCCESS on the Listening Part

  • To achieve a high score in the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Test, you must listen to and understand the English in various British and Australian Accents.
  • Answering the questions instinctively is possible only if you can fully grasp and understand the audio clearly. To improve your practice, you should take notes while you listen to ensure that you do not miss out any word or point.

Prepare Notes/Points to Remember list of what you learn in the Class

  • Make a note of new words, formulas, and other important things that you learn while in class or while working as it will aid you memorize complicated things that may come in your English Proficiency Test.
  • Seek out new things and take notes to attain the desired score at the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Test.
  • Create and diligently follow an Intensive PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) study plan for 30 days to score remarkably well in the Test.

The Right Way to Practice – By Sections and By Question Types

  • Break up your preparation in four parts of PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) writing tasks, PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) reading tasks, PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) listening tasks and PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) speaking tasks.
  • By doing this, you will be capable to dedicate identical time and effort for each section.
  • Things to Consider: 
  • Know your Target Score
  • Know the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Test Pattern
  • Understand Scoring Criteria for the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Test
  • Get the Right Preparatory Material
  • Plan and Work Consistently for Effective Practice.

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Writing Section – How to Prepare?

The Goal is to have very good Writing Skills. Your required to write as per the requirements of the questions asked and your answers will decide your scores. The writing module of the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) academic is divided into two sections, and to get marks in each section you need to have a good command over your vocabulary and grammar.

Tips to Score High in the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Writing: 

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Writing Module Overview

Summarise Spoken Text

In this PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) writing task, you will be given a paragraph that you have to summarize in your own words. You have to finish the summary in one sentence using more than 75 words. You will have 10 minutes to read the paragraph, summarize it, and proofread it.

Essay Writing

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Essay Writing is the second task in this section that requires you to write an essay between 200 and 300 words. You will be given a prompt of one or two lines, and you have to write an essay on that given topic within 20 minutes. Your essay scores are based on the following aspects:

  • Content
  • Formal Requirement
  • Development
  • Grammar
  • Linguistic Range
  • Vocabulary
  • Spelling

It is essential to keep these aspects in mind when you are writing your essay, irrespective of the topic given. Besides that, here are some tips to help you improve your writing score.

1. Focus on the key concept

Your prompt can be based on a debatable topic, current affairs, or any subject matter. You have to identify the core of your topic and incorporate it throughout your test. Stick to the topic and keep it crisp. Even when you are putting forth your personal opinion, keep the key point at the centre of it. When you read the topic, you can start making your rough notes, mentioning your key points before you begin writing your essay.

2. Plan a structure

It is best to divide your essay into three parts: the introduction, your argument, and the conclusion. Even when you are making notes, you should keep this structure in mind. This will not only help you decide the content you want to write, but it will also help you stay within the word limit.

3. Use Real life Examples or facts

Using life examples, facts or even anecdotes helps make the material more engaging and credible. It shapes your essay and gives it a personality. If you have enough information about a topic, you should utilize it completely. Include important dates, statistics, or even names of personalities if you are sure of your facts.

4. Use quotes or idioms

Akin to Examples or facts, quotes and idioms add a elegance to your essay. Catchy phrases are also a way to go. But, you have to make sure that they are not colloquial or come from a slang language. You can consider using them if the context demands it. But do not compromise on the grammar and the academic writing style. Adding popular quotes can give direction to your essay. However, do not enforce it if it’s not required.

5. Use comprehensible vocabulary

If you consider learning hard vocabulary as one of the top PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) writing tips that you need to conquer, then it’s time for you to rethink that. You must focus on using easy vocabulary that is quick to read and does not use most of your word count. At the same time, you have to also ensure that your writing style is not lousy. Context and sentence formation are as important as the vocabulary that you choose to use. Furthermore, you should also use appropriate introductory phrases and conjunctions. To put across your point in a seamless way, you can use phrases and linkers like; in my opinion, I believe, moreover, given the facts, etc.

It can take a while to get into the habit of writing. But if you practice in all sincerity, it is possible to improve your essay writing skills. Pearson’s PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic Official Course books and the online app can provide you with many writing prompts for you to practice. You can also take the practice tests as well as mock tests to quantitatively judge your performance. The above tips, combined with practice can help you improve your PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) essay writing score.

  • Build a strong vocabulary and be accurate with grammar to get 90 out of 90 in the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) writing section.
  • Use Correct Punctuation. For instance, you should capitalize all the proper nouns and starting words in a sentence.
  • Don’t use examples in sentences if not asked in your question.
  • Always write the summary in third person form and make sure that you avoid the usage of I, Me, We, etc.
  • Try to write your answer in between 40-45 words. Avoid writing long sentences as it is easier to evaluate short sentences with great accuracy.
  • Summarize each paragraph in a single sentence.
  • Always write a conclusion in a concise yet informative manner. Make sure that it includes the summary of the text.

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test Preparation- Reading Section

For the reading section of the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test, you need to have fluency in reading. You must understand the paragraph in one go while reading to score high in this section. Follow the below-mentioned tips to score well in the reading section of the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test:

  • Make sure to understand the main message of the passage.
  • Focus on keywords to find the correct answer.
  • Since there is no negative marking in this section, make sure to attempt all the questions.
  • Adopt the rule of elimination. Narrow down your options to score well.
  • Read the question before you read the passage.
  • Remember the information in the passage to answer questions accordingly.
  • Learn to paraphrase to define answers using different words.

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test Preparation- Speaking Section

Acquiring speaking skills is not an overnight task. This will require a lot of practice and effort.  Here are some of the tips that can help you excel in the speaking section of the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic English Proficiency Test:

  • It would be better if you increase your tone at the beginning of your sentence and decrease your tone at the end of the sentence. This will make your voice sound authentic and robust.
  • Make sure to not stop while you speak even when you have made a mistake.
  • Make sure to improve your speaking skills daily while practicing regularly with different tongue twisters.
  • You can have a good command over your speaking skills if you focus on memorizing the sentences.
  • There is no indication at the end, so you must speak just after the clip ends.
  • If you are unable to remember the entire sentence, focus on keywords and repeat those.

PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test Preparation – Listening Section

Questions in this PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test section are related to video and audio clips. To give answers, you get to listen to each audio or video clip only once. Follow below mentioned tips that can help you score well in your listening section of the PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) Academic English Proficiency Test:

  • Pay attention to audio and video clips and listen actively. Learn to listen to English songs by focusing on lyrics and words. This will help you enhance your listening skills in an interesting way.
  • You should make a program of activities that helps with English input like watching English movies and TV shows with subtitles and then without subtitles to improve your listening skills.
  • Make sure to avoid questions you don’t understand because every question has a negative marking. 
  • Listening to new content will help you enhance your vocabulary which, in turn, helps you accelerate your understanding of spoken English while listening.
  • Make sure to stay focused till the end as the answers could be in the end.
  • It is better if you read questions before you listen to audio or video clips.

With the above-mentioned guide PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) study plan and tips, you will surely score well in your PEARSON’S TEST OF ENGLISH (PTE) English Proficiency Test. Make sure to practice regularly and maintain consistency to achieve the desired success.

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