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germany - Why study in Germany? Why study in Germany?

Why study in Germany?

Germany, the largest economy in the European Union and third in the world. Germany is emerging as a favorite destination for people willing to pursue their higher studies (especially for Masters & Doctoral studies in the field of science & engineering). Studying in Germany, where Education, Science and Research play a central role with no or less tuition fee will be an ideal choice to Students. After United States and Great Britain, Germany is the third most preferred country for students worldwide.

For Postgraduates, PhD students and Researchers, Germany is certainly an excellent place to study. Looking back more than 102 Nobel Prize winners have been educated in German universities and Germany continues to be at the cutting-edge of research today. Germany boasts an enormous academic and research network – both inside and outside the university corridors. Studying in Germany is a cultural experience in a country renowned for excellence in science, mathematics, engineering and much more.

Advantages of Studying in Germany

  • Free higher education for foreign nationals (Literally NO tuition fees) *
  • Low cost of Living
  • Easy to earn a Master’s degree
  • Developed economy & leading academic degree
  • Students have a brighter future and the broader space for development.
  • Excellent research opportunity
  • Internationally recognized universities
  • The close link between theory and practice
  • Scholarships for highly qualified students
  • First class service to international students
  • Best Technology & International Degree
  • Flexibility of the Course Duration
  • Strategic University Locations
  • World Class Facilities
  • Excellent Job opportunities
  • 20 hrs job during study