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usa - Types of US College Degrees Types of US College Degrees

Types of US College Degrees

US college degrees fall under four major categories:

Associate’s Degree

You can earn an associate’s degree after two years at a US community college.

Many students who earn an associate’s degree continue their schooling at another US college or university in order to earn a bachelor’s degree. Speak with your college adviser if you want to transfer to another college or university.

Types of associate’s degrees:
  • associate of arts
  • associate of science
  • associate of applied science
  • associate of occupational studies

If you eventually want to earn a bachelor’s degree, take an AA or AS program. AAS and AOS programs are meant to help you find a job immediately after earning your degree.

Bachelor’s Degree

Students at four-year undergraduate colleges and universities in the USA earn bachelor’s degrees.

Most students earn one of two types of bachelor’s degrees:
  • bachelor of arts
  • bachelor of science

You also may earn a more specialized bachelor’s degree, such as a bachelor of arts in journalism

Colleges and universities in America have their own list of majors in which you can earn a bachelor’s degree. Some even will let you create your own college major!

Master’s Degree

You can earn a master’s degree at a US graduate school in nearly any field.

The subject you study will determine the type of master’s degree you will earn, such as a:

  • master of arts
  • master of science
  • master of business administration

Some master’s degree programs are terminal, but others can eventually lead to a doctoral degree.
Before you are accepted into a master’s degree program, you probably will need to take the GRE or GMAT.

Doctoral Degree

A doctoral degree is the highest type of US college degree.

A doctor of philosophy (PhD) is the most common type of doctoral degree. Some fields, however, require a doctoral degree before you can obtain a job, including:

  • doctors
  • lawyers
  • dentists
  • veterinarians

Fields such as these may also require professional US licensure