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uk1 min - Pre-Departure Pre-Departure


After receiving study permit, ESPI arrange pre-departure orientations to prepare prior to your arrival on university campus.

Pre-deparature arrangements :

  • Collect complete information about UK
  • Book Air Tickets
  • Check that your current passport will be valid for at least six months beyond your travel date.
  • Buy Travel & Health Insurance
  • Accommodation arrangement in UK
  • Forex – consider buying travelers checks for large denominations, as well as carrying a small amount of cash
  • Airport Pick-up in UK.
  • Check baggage and customs limitations
  • Get your documents in order and make photocopies to store in your baggage and keep at home, including:
    • Passport;
    • Airline tickets
    • Travel insurance certificate
    • Letter of Acceptance for your Canadian educational institution
    • Key addresses and phone numbers
    • Prescriptions for any medication you are carrying
    • Traveller’s cheques—if applicable
    • Medical and immunization records
    • Academic history and university transcripts
    • Find out about UK and the town or city where you will be living and studying.
    • Contact your Canadian educational institution with any questions you may have.