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Frequently Asked Questions

I am not from a visa-exempt country. Can I apply for a temporary resident visa at the port of entry/airport in Canada?

No.A temporary resident visa application has to be applied for at a Canadian visa section outside of Canada.

I do not have a return ticket. Can I travel to Canada with a one-way ticket?

We strongly recommend that travellers who enter as tourists present a return ticket upon entry into Canada, but this is not a legal requirement. Port of Entry officers may want to see proof that the person entering Canada will leave before expiry of their authorized period of stay.
If you are the holder of a work or study permit, you generally do not need a return ticket. At the port of entry in Canada you might have to prove that you are able to fund your return flight.

Is it correct that my passport has to be valid for at least 6 more months when I travel to Canada?

The passport has to cover the whole duration of stay in Canada and must allow re-entry to the country of passport issuance. There is no legal regulation as to how many months/years the passport must be valid beyond return from Canada.

I do not need a temporary resident visa, but I want to stay in Canada as a visitor for longer. Can I apply from outside of Canada for a temporary resident visa to cover my extended stay?

No. Temporary residents who are visa-exempt citizens and wish to extend their stay in Canada have to apply for extension inside Canada.

I have a valid non-immigrant US visa. Can I travel to Canada within the validity of this visa?

No. A US non-immigrant visa does not entitle entry to Canada.

How long may I stay in Canada?

The official will stamp your passport indicating how long you may stay in Canada. Feel free to ask questions if you are unsure about anything. Generally, you are allowed to stay in Canada for a maximum of six months.

How can I extend my stay from within Canada?

After you arrive, you may want to change the conditions of your visit. This is possible in special cases. To extend your stay, you should apply three weeks before your visit is scheduled to expire.

I need both a permit and a visa. What fees must I pay?

You must pay the fees for the permit only. If you also require a visa, it will be included at no further charge.
If you are accompanied to Canada by a dependent (spouse, common-law partner, child) and that person requires a visa, you must also pay the processing fee for a temporary resident visa (single or multiple entry) for your dependent.

What documents must I present if I am just applying for a transit visa?

You must complete the same form and present the same documents as for any other temporary resident visa. You must also include documents concerning your travel arrangements (reservation or ticket). There are no fees for transit visas. Consult the information about Temporary Resident Visas.

What if I was previously a permanent resident of Canada and am now applying for a temporary resident visa?

If you were previously a permanent resident of Canada it will be necessary for our office to determine whether you are still considered to be a permanent resident of Canada before we can proceed with the processing of your temporary resident visa. Our office will contact you to inform you how to proceed.

Where can I find information on what I may or may not bring to Canada?

The following website provides information on Canada’s customs:
Canada Border Services Agency
This Web site has specific information on:
Moving to Canada
Importing or Exporting Goods To/From Canada
Travelling to Canada

Where can I find information, whether I can bring my pets with me to Canada?

The following website provides information on Canada’s import requirements, also for animals and plants:
Automated Import Reference System

Can a friend or a relative submit the application on my behalf?

An authorized third party (friend, family member, etc.) can drop off the application in person on your behalf. We can also return your passport to a third party if you supply a written authorization (no notarization required) allowing us to do so.