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Career Prospectus

New Zealand is a land of relatively open immigration policy, which drives in a good influx of people from foreign origin. Asians form an important minority group there, particularly Indians. This fact has not been received well by many New Zealanders as is evident from the statement of New Zealand First leader, Winston Peters who reportedly said, “We are being dragged into the status of an Asian colony and it is time that New Zealanders were placed first in their own country.”

When such is the mindset of the residents of New Zealand, it becomes paramount to analyze the situation & try to quest whether Indians get equal job opportunities after education in New Zealand or not.

“It’s not all a bed of roses living in New Zealand. Immigrants face huge challenges around gaining equal access to employment, and are finding that their friends and family are not excelling with the world’s elite achievers.”

The survey also unravels the fact that almost two in every three Indians groan about their wages being not in tandem with their education or skill set. “I did not get one promotion in the last ten years. I am in a catch-22 situation because my kids are schooling in New Zealand. Now I am unable to go back to India as I have to wait to finish schooling of my kids.”—says one of the respondents.

here is also a considerable percentage of Indians, who have not got access to any job in New Zealand after completing their education there. “My qualifications were approved by the subject of working with a New Zealand registered architect for 48 weeks but no architect wants to keep me even for free.”—says another respondent.

However, the survey does not only highlight the dark side of this issue. It also throws light on a section of the Indian community, which has struggled against this job discrimination & managed to carve a niche for themselves on the foreign land.

According to one of the successful Indians in New Zealand, “In the beginning, yes I felt my career was adversely affected. However, things have got better as the Kiwis became more aware that Indians could speak English and were hardworking, sincere and loyal.”

What are my chances of getting a job?

Depending on your particular career area, it can be challenging to find job opportunities in New Zealand and it may take some time to find suitable employment. However, there are certain career areas with shortage occupations and the government is actively seeking skilled workers from overseas for these areas. To find out what skills are needed, look at the long-term and immediate skill shortage lists on Immigration New Zealand