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Admission Procedure

The decision to study in the UK requires application in every sense of the word – time, money, and career aspiration. We welcome your decision and we are here to help you in every stage.

Remember it’s not think twice it’s all right. It’s your future. At ESPI Visa Consultants, we are committed to help you find the programme that is perfectly right for you. We advise you to join us for a personal one-to-one counseling session. This page is intended to offer a general advice on finding a course. It is always best to have a counseling session with us before making the final list of choices to apply.

Choosing a course:

Unless you are a postgraduate applicant or already in employment or have done some part time study, choosing a course can be definitely difficult. It is important to make sure what you will study and what skills you will develop after completion of your course.

Choosing an undergraduate course:

Basically all degree courses are classified into:

  • Arts stream
  • Science stream
  • Social science stream &
  • Education

You should select a stream that supports the kind of career you wish to pursue. Making a career choice is definitely difficult, but this is purely a personal decision. You are going to put three or more years of full-time study to earn your degree and therefore it is important to select the right stream that could motivate you during your studies and afterwards. The subjects should interest you, should motivate you to work hard, and should fulfill your long-term career aspirations. In the UK, it is increasingly common now-a-days, studying for dual degrees. You can earn two degrees with no / just one extra year of study. In undergraduate degree courses, you usually study subjects broadly (there are some exceptions, of course) and you can specialize an area at postgraduate level.

Choosing a postgraduate course:

Since postgraduate courses are mostly specializations of your undergraduate program, you would have already selected the area to specialize. But remember, not all postgraduate courses are specializations, some are conversion courses that help people to switch careers.

Choosing an Institution:

Choosing a place to study is one of the most important decisions you have to ever make. Once you have selected the course of study, you should search for the institutions offering it and shortlist them. There are several factors you need to consider while selecting an institution: Reputation: Unfortunately there is no official ranking of UK institutions and hence it is very difficult to find which institution has a good reputation in which area. Also being an overseas student, because of the time and money factors, you do not have an opportunity to personally visit the institutions of your choice to find whether they suit you. Location and size: This is one of the most important criteria affecting student choices, according to a recent study. Make sure whether the institution is in a city or a small town. If you are thinking of going for part-time jobs during studies, it is better to opt for an institution that is located in a city. If you want to study in peaceful surroundings, lookout for small town institutions. And of course, size does matters. Some institutions have more than 20,000 students while some have less than 3000. Large number of students means greater mix of people and a lot to do, while small institutions have relaxed, quieter surroundings and are a bit friendlier.

Cost of studying and living:

Studying and living at a city institution may be costly compared to rural or small town institution, but offers a great range of socializing, shopping facilities; sport clubs and opportunities for part-time work and a wonderful mix of people. Rural or small town institutions offer access to countryside, peaceful surroundings, and a chance to mingle with the local community and learn British culture, & way of life.